Street Art Festival Ede 2017 was een groot succes!

Hierbij een samenvatting van het Street Art Festival Ede 2017


Titel: A small local Street art festival where some great art is being made!

Over 30+ graffiti artist from different countries like Holland, Belgium, Germany, Turkey and Spain have come here in my small home town to make it a prettier place to live in.
Locals can visit the festival for free. This is a way for the local youth to get inspired and show them wat real art looks like.

This event will last 2 days with DJ’s and some nice shots of art! Tune in tomorrow and see the end results!

Artists Line-up:

▪ Mehsos (Belgium)

▪ Dzia & Sons

▪ Studio Giftig

▪ Serge Kb

▪ El Rojo (Spain )…

▪ Simian Switch…

▪ Hugo Mulder (DHM)…

▪ Dopie

▪ Pixeljuice (Germany)…

▪ Derm (Belgium)…

▪ SAPO and the Sapito’s

▪ Nash

▪ Chuck…

▪ Anopsy Amsterdam……

▪ Gamze Yalçın (Turkey)

▪ Djim Pijnappel…

▪ Andre Haazes

▪ Bier en Brood

▪ Jeroen Ammerlaan…

▪ TCK Crew (5 guys)

▪ Davor

▪ Sfhir (Spanje)

▪ Rastartman (Spanje)

▪ Lastplak

▪ Ioseph Vilas (Spanje)

▪ Semar (Spanje)…



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